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Under Floor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating provides an extremely robust and reliable heating solution.

It is the best way of delivering consistent and well-distributed heat, with no hot-spots, ideal for agricultural and commercial buildings. Our unique laying pattern, achieves the optimum efficiency and most consistent heat distribution.

These systems can easily be installed in new builds as well as retro-fitted in existing buildings. A simple and effective control system allows heating to be controlled in several zones should you require different temperatures in areas.


  • Underfloor heating is up to 30% more efficient than conventional heating.
  • Offers superb heat distribution and controllability

Underfloor heating has proven to be particularly effective in poultry sheds. Having completed multiple installations in poultry houses, our customers have seen:

  • Podo and Hock Burn reduced by 20-25%
  • FCR decreased by 4 points, giving you 1.5p/m2/week extra profit (around £10,000 per shed per year)
  • Increased EPF
  • 40% less litter and no top up bales required
  • No cold spots
  • Less CO2 in the shed, average of less than 1000ppm

The benefits above have been achieved by working poultry farms, we would welcome site visits for anyone interested, click here to arrange yours.

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