Grade C Waste Wood

With some 20+ systems out in operation across the country Ecotec are one of the UK’s market leaders in Small Scale Waste Wood incinerators. Fully IED compliant, generating renewable heat and electricity utilising waste wood grade C our clients have an on-site asset that reduces their carbon footprint and disposal costs.

With variations to the Renewable Heat Incentive and its closure at the end of March 2021 this doesn’t need to be the end of generating renewable heat and electricity from waste wood. Our drying systems can save your business in excess of £250k annually all while providing a stable consistent outlet. A typical 1MW system will consume around 3,000tons of grade C waste wood annually.

With full filtration and abatement included in the turn key package the system is fully IED chapter iv compliant. Automatic control of the abatement process can be added to take away the operator inputs and provide a fully automated plant.

Grade C waste

Grade C waste Grade C waste diagram

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